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Spanish residents: to make a reservation you must pay an enrolment fee of 200€ and a deposit of 100€ that will be returned when you leave. It will not be discounted from the last month of your stay.

Residents from outside of Spain: to make a reservations you must pay an enrolment fee of 200€ and a deposit of 100€, which will be returned when you leave, and the monthly payment from the last month in advance.

Double room rates per person

7 months stays (academic course)
490€ per month

Stays from 4 to 6 months
520€ per month

Stays from 1 to 3 months 
570€ per month

Single room rates

7 months stays (academic course)
615€ per month

Stays from 4 to 6 months
640€ per month

Stays from 1 to 3 months 
700€ per month.

These rates do not include the 10% VAT charge. The price is per person.






-Option A: Prepare your own meals using our kitchen for 30 euros per month.
-Option B: One daily meal from Monday to Saturday, being able to choose from lunch or dinner for 165 euros per month (taxes included)
-Option C: Both dinner and lunch from Monday to Friday and lunch on Saturday for 270 euros per month (taxes included).
-Option D: Single meals at your choice for 7 euros each, both lunch and dinner.


Laundry service

Cleaning and drying 5 kilos of clothes – 6€ per load

These rates include :

 Water, gas, electricity and heating consumtion
 Free WiFi Internet Access in all rooms and common spaces
 Room cleaning 3 days a week ( MOnday, Wednesday and Friday )
 Bed linen
 Weekly change of bed sheets
 Satellite TV
 In-room fridge
 Use of the kitchen


To receive the reservation’s confirmation it is necessary to show proof of the payment mad through bank transference to Residencias San Marius S.L.
To obtain our bank account information please send us an email requesting it.

The reservation’s receipt does not guarantee your place until accepted by the residence.

Those reservations that have been unattended will be on a waiting list.

Should you cancel a confirmed reservation, there will not be refunds.

Housing terms and conditions

The accommodation for an entire academic year goes from September or October to June 23rd from the following year.

Checking in during the first fifteen days of the month will be charged as an entire month. Checking in during the last fifteen days will be charged as half a month.

Long term stays will have priority over short term stays. This clause will be applicable in any circumstance, including delays on visa expenditures. Should this last case occur, the entire amount would be refunded.

The monthly payment will be from the first to the fifth day of every month. After this date there will be an extra charge of 3 euros per day of delay.

This extra charge will be discounted from the deposit. Check in starts at 3pm and check out is up until 11am.